Git Overview

  1. Git is  a Version Control System (VCS) ) or Source Control Management System (SCM) > Git is the most popular open source version control system available as of today. SCM and VCS means the same thing.
  2. SCM / VCS is a collaboration platform for developers > Source control management allows developers, designers, freelancers etc to backup their source code and other documents or artifacts so that different versions of their document exists as created at different points of time. An artifact can be a file, binary or text or even a directory.
  3. What Git can do for you
    1. Git helps us to create repositories > A repository is a local machine or remote server where data is stored and maintained in an organized manner. 
    2. Different versions > Git stores different versions of an artifact during it’s lifetime including creation and multiple modifications of the artifact.
    3. Mange changes in artifact > 
      1. Git allows the user to undo a current change in an artifact
      2. Git also allows restoration of previous state of an artifact 
    4. Comparison > Git also allows us to compare different versions of a particular artifact. Let’s say you have a file called “abc.txt” and it has 2 different versions – version 1 when you created it and version 2 when you modified it for the first time. Git will allow us to compare and inspect the difference between version 1 and version 2 of “abc.txt”. 
    5. Collaboration > Git allows collaboration among developers so they can share a common code base for development purpose
    6. Accountability > Git allows us to track all users and the exact changes that they have made – this makes everyone accountable for the changes in the shared code base.

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